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Christian Graye

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Music is my light, music is my sword! 


There is always good in the evil and evil in the good. This is what drives us crazy. This is what makes it hard to identify with the world which we live in. It is such a wonderful place but obviously a world full of mistakes at the same time.


My music is my mouthpiece to call attention to the manifold injustices I see. But it also is an ode to the bright side of life - to friendship, family and love.


All of my songs are handcrafted. To 100 per cent. From the first word on the blank sheet and the first note played over the sweat left in the studio unto every second of live performance:


Grand passion and wild love, persistent power and a strong confession to humanity are my central motivation. And I'm aiming to share those with you.


You are visiting me right at the start of my journey.

Do you want to walk together for a while?

Come with me to the desert side. Leave the stress and the city behind. See them fading in the rear view while sky's fading from gray to blue.


Christian Graye "Feels Like Home"